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Our love for good coffee led us to buying our first roaster in 2019, it's pretty awesome to complete to process from roasting our own beans to serving a delicious cup of coffee!


Our roastery is located in our shop in Poole, so if you visit us on a Monday you will be able to see us in action. We absolutely love seeing our customers enjoy our coffee!


We roast everything in small batches on our 5kg Toper roaster.  We  use all our senses to ensure each batch profile is consistent, it is something that we have worked really hard to perfect.

It's a labour intensive job but we love every minute of it and it makes it all the more satisfying when you sit down to enjoy your own brew!


We carefully select our beans and alternate our blends throughout the year, this helps us use seasonal beans as well as exploring different taste notes from chocolatey and nutty in the winter to more fruity and tangy in the summer months. 

We also have a range of single origin which we change every so often, depending on if we get any special requests or what we fancy trying.

There are so many coffees to try… we like to keep things fresh and exciting!



To keep our coffee as fresh as possible we roast to order, everything is roasted on Mondays and delivered on Wednesdays. 


Order before 4pm Monday to get your order that week!

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